Create Hangman game in java

A word-guessing game in console


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Create Hangman game in java

Hangman is a word-guessing game. It keeps asking the user to guess characters. Let's Build the Hangman thought it would be a recipe. Before, making recipes we need a prerequisite they are:

  1. Arrays

  2. Variables

  3. Functions

  4. Loops

The Logic of Hangman:

  • Word guessing game keeps asking the user to guess characters until:

    1. They guess every character correctly (win).

    2. If they miss six guesses (loss).

The first step create a method-level scope variable string array that contains words.

Our game must choose a random word from the list of words. Create a function random word () to get a random word from the list.

Here, the Math. random() method is used to get the random numbers in Java. Next, in our game, the placeholder '_' must reflect the number of characters in that word. In the main function:

we need to print the placeholder so, create a method printPlaceHolder().

create a method-level scope array variable that contains all the gallows.

we need to show the gallows for every turn, the gallows will be increased for each miss. In the main method create a char array and name it missedGuess store 6 size. Then, create a while loop for each turn and define a function that gives the output of missedGuess(printMissedGuess()).

Create a checkGuess method to check the guessing word and word from the list are the same. Get the user input in the main method to guess the word.

Here, char guess = sc.nextLine().charAt(0) is used to obtain a single character input from the user nextLine() method reads the user input as a string and charAt(0) method is used to extract the character at index 0 from the string.

Next, Create a method to replace the placeholder with correct guesses. When the user guesses correctly replace the matching placeholders. Also, update the main method to checkGuess.

Now, we came to the conclusion part of the game. Check the user wins if the user wins stop the game if the user loses give the message Rip.

Here, the toCharArray() method in Java is used to convert a String into an array of characters. It returns a newly created character array that represents the string.


Thank you, We are done creating our recipe Hangman game. Now you learn about how to create a Hangman game in Java. Through my blog posts, I aim to provide valuable information and practical tips. Feel free to leave comments, share your thoughts, and connect with me. For more future blogs follow me and also connect with me on Linkedin.